Visiting Botanic & Remedy for the first time?

Great! You’ve booked in for your first treatment and you’re probably wanting to know what happens next…

Once you’ve made your booking with Lydia, you’ll receive a confirmation email and text to confirm your appointment.

Once you’ve arrived at the therapy rooms you’ll be greeted by Lydia and guided through an in-depth consultation.  This will help Lydia gain a full understanding of your health history, as well as allowing her to tailor your treatment to support your needs.

The initial consultation will take about 15 minutes – so please make sure you have enough time for Lydia to really get to know you before your treatment.

We look forward to meeting you!

What to wear?

It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothing and be mindful that your skin will have a light covering of oil after your treatment, so it’s probably best not to wear your finest attire!

It is also advised to remove jewellery before your treatment and to tie back long hair.

If you are visiting for a facial treatment it is advised to wear little or no make-up, however, make up remover will be supplied if needed.

Returning for your next Botanic & Remedy treatment?

It’s lovely to see you again!

Once you’ve arrived at the therapy rooms, you’ll be guided through a short follow up consultation.  Lydia will then look into making changes to products or tweaking custom Aromatherapy blends, so you’ll be totally supported with everything you need from your treatment on the day.

What if I have to cancel or rearrange my appointment?

That’s no problem, sometimes life gets in the way! All we ask is for you to let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment otherwise you will be charged the full treatment price.

“Lydia is just amazing at what she does, her knowledge and awareness of oil blends and anatomy is brilliant. Her approach is effortless and her treatments are exceptional. Highly recommended.”


“I would definitely recommend the pregnancy massage. Lydia takes the time to tailor the massage to you and you come out feeling so relaxed!”