Using  bespoke blends

Using Aromatherapy blends at home can be a lovely way to incorporate some self-care into your routine and is an uplifting daily ritual for emotional wellbeing.

If you would enjoy using a blend at home to continue to feel the benefits between treatments, Lydia is happy to advise and recommend essential oil blends or create a bespoke blend on request.

A blend may be created in an oil or cream base to apply onto the skin or a pure blend may be advised for diffusing or inhalation. These can be particularly beneficial for supporting a clinical conditions such as skin concerns and respiratory conditions or to support stress by encouraging relaxation.

Need some aroma inspiration?

If you’re feeling fatigued or need help boosting low moods, you may like to try using zingy, uplifting citrus oils like grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime! Pure sunshine!

Woken up with a foggy head, can’t think straight and need a dose of clarity? Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, bay leaf and thyme often help to clear the haze and sharpen mental focus.

We all get those days when we feel stressed, anxious and off-kilter. That’s when soothing woody oils can help us to deepen our breath and re-balance our mind. Frankincense, cedarwood, cypress and sandalwood are some of Lydia’s favourites.

During times of uncertainty, fear, shock or loss, soft nurturing florals such as rose, neroli, geranium and lavender are useful to help you feel calm, reassured and provide an aromatic hug.

When your head is in the clouds or you need to wind down, try some rich, earthy and spicy aromas. For help in grounding and restoring your roots, we love cardamom vetiver, nutmeg and ginger.